How talented student was able to move Peter Salasya (video)

The first time lawmaker promised to reward the student who had him in stitches with his talent

Peter Salasya.
Image: Instagram

Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya has vowed to reward a student who was seen skilfully mimicking him.

The first-time lawmaker who was visiting his home area of Mumias, inspecting various development projects as well as initiating new ones stopped by a local secondary school where he delivered a speech.

During his visit to Bumini Secondary School, the youthful MP was treated to a show by a student who took the stage to skilfully mimic him.


The unidentified Secondary School student sent the school into a frenzy as he mimicked the youthful MP making promises to his electorate back when he was campaigning for the seat.

During his speech, the student sent the school into a frenzy as he mimicked the youthful MP making promises to his electorate.

"Nimekuja na habari njema, nimesikia hamna ofisi kuu nataka kujenga ofisi kuu.


(I come carrying good tidings, I have heard you don't have offices, I want to construct more offices and increase the bursary allocations. I am your area MP, are you getting me?)" the student posed as the crowd roared in laughter and appreciation for the young boy's talents as he incredibly sounded just like their MP.

As he walked off the stage the audience clapped with enthusiasm cheering him on.

Mr. Salasya excitedly shared the video on his Twitter page.

Captioning it he expressed how deeply he adored his constituency as he promised to cater for the young boys uniforms.

"The love of Munyolanga (are you getting me?). I love my constituency from deep my heart. I Will buy this student uniform and a pair of shoes," Salasya captioned the video of the male student who mimicked him.

In the said video, Salasya could be seen dancing happily as he pointed to the young boy and clapped in fascination.

Netizens in the comment section praised the first time MP for not only being able to take a joke but for his big heart as well.

Below are a few comments:

Kennah: I like the guys confidence. God bless you mhesh as you continue to empower the boy child

Oliver Kenda: You are doing good Peter

Anonymous Conky: Be blessed sir...You are one of the best

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