Yvette Obura
Image: Instagram

Yvette Obura has come under attack from a section of Kenyans after insinuating that she is a celebrity.

She was recently seen talking on a live video that was captured by another TikTok user about how Kenyans disturb celebrities whenever they meet them.

She claimed that Kenyans have a strong sense of entitlement toward celebrities and that whenever they run into one in person and they don't acknowledge them, they label the celebrity as being impolite.


The businesswoman claimed that anytime she is out in public or conducting business, she always has a serious expression.

"If you meet me imagine and stop me to say hi, I will say hi, lakini I just usually have a serious face sio ati niko rude."

She described a day when she was shopping with a friend and her children when two women and a man began following them around the store.


"Si tuko tu apo tunafanya shughuli zetu then this people we realized had been following us in the entire supermarket with a camera"

The woman with beautiful chocolate skin continued to describe how the events transpired, with the male buddy stepping forward to defend her and ordering the people to stop filming them.

She received criticism after her TikTok video went viral, with many women, in particular, calling her ugly in the comments section.

"When I personally started the live, I said I am not a celebrity nor am I a public figure but I don't understand why someone would do that."

The mother went on to explain that some people even went so far as to compare Pritty Vishy, who is Stevo Simple Boy's ex-girlfriend, to her.

"Wengine wenu mlichukua tu hii chance kusema all the bad things you wanted to say about me or to me."

The mother of one continued by saying that due to the false perceptions that the public has about celebrities, this is the main reason why celebrities dislike interacting with the general public.

Watch the video below;