Daddy Owen stunned after trying to help younger artist

The musician is well-known for his philanthropic activities

Daddy Owen
Image: Instagram

Multi-award-winning gospel artist Owen Mwati popularly known as Daddy Owen has shared that he recently tried helping a young artist in the industry but was met by a rude shock that had him rethinking his strategy and willingness to help.

The veteran artist implied that the young person's arrogance and attitude made him opt to keep to himself and focus on his projects rather than trying and help people.

"I recently tried to advise a younger artist and he replied by telling me that he has more social media followers than I do," revealed the father of 2.


He went on to add;

"Nikasema wacha mimi niendelee kujenga ma hospital ( so I said to myself, just go back to constructing hospitals)" Owen said.

Daddy Owen since last year has been very proactive in helping build resources that help promote the welfare of others.


In 2022, through grant consultancy, partnerships, and personal financing Owen supported the construction of a Children's home in Eldoret-Jawabu Children's Home, (30m) and a hospital ward in Kijabe- CURE HOSPITAL-.(40m)

In a video shared by YouTube content creator/social media influencer, 2mbili 2 months ago the content creator marveled over a huge boarding facility that the disability activist had erected.

"This is a project that Daddy Owen has done here in Kijabe and it is for the disabled... according to Daddy Owen, it is a hostel for parents and guardians who usually bring their children for surgeries.

In case the child has broken limps or they were in an accident and what have you, so when the surgery takes long... because the surgery usually takes long sometimes up to 14 days so then the parents can sleep here," 2mbili can be heard saying as he shows off the allegedly Sh37 million worth building.

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