Ezra Fbi with his wife Maureen
Image: Instagram

Ezra Fbi's wife, digital content creator Maurine in a lengthy emotional post has revealed that she is taking a break from social media to focus on her failing mental health.

Maureen has deleted all posts from her Instagram account minus one, the black screen grab of her explaining her absence.

She has also removed her profile as well as and deleted everything from her bio. Her account is literally the epitome of ghost town.


Explaining her decision to walk away from social media she cited that she felt broken to such a degree that coping with things had gotten so hard. 

"I will be taking a break from social media... I want you guys to know that I will be taking a step back from all my socials to focus on my mental health," the first part of her lengthy post reads.

She went on to add that she has been struggling for quite sometime and that had adverse effects on her physical health and emotional well-being as well.


Maureen highlighted she felt she'd hit rock bottom but was working on fighting to get back up as she missed feeling happy and at peace.

"I haven't been ok for quite some time and it has weighed me down physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel crushed and broken but I no longer want to run, I want to fight and heal

I want to feel light and happy again, I want to be the best version of myself," the digital content creator emotionally shared.

Ezra's wife finished off by sending love to all her followers and fans for their support and for supporting her business. She also advised them to always prioritize their mental health and learn to take time for themselves.

"I love you all so much and I'm grateful for every single one of you. Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me (patronizing my business) the support doesn't go unnoticed.

Don't forget to take some time off for yourself," the last of her post that was accompanied by two love emojis read.

Fans are speculating that there might be trouble in paradise however, things on Ezra's page still look very normal with him still portraying the idea of a doting couple taking on life together.

The former dancer still has photos of the two of them together plastered all over his page.

Interestingly though, the two are currently not following each other on Instagram and we all know that is always a tell tale of something big.

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