Rema changed my life forever- Selena Gomez gushes

Selena expressed heartfelt gratitude to Rema for choosing to work with her on a global hit

American popstar Selena Gomez hanging out with Nigerian Afrobeats star Rema
Image: Instagram

American award-winning actor/artist Selena Gomez is heaping praise on sensational Nigerian artist Rema following the global success of their musical collaboration.

Selena shared a throwback picture of her and 23-year-old Rema while on set for their hit song 'Calm Down' that was released on September 2022.

In the cute photo Selena who was seated could be seen warmly hugging Rema (standing) who cutely rested his head on her chest. The two looked like the perfect duo as they both smiled from ear to ear.


The 30-year-old 'Heart Wants What It Wants' hit maker went on to express her deepest gratitude to Rema for choosing her to feature on the remix of his hit song 'Calm Down' that was currently making waves back then.

She sent Rema a heartfelt thank-you message for the fantastic opportunity to feature in his viral hit song while praising him for permanently altering her life.

The remix since its release 9 months ago has accumulated over 530 million views and over 6.3 million likes. And it is currently listed as number 11 global top music video on YouTube.

"This man has changed my life forever. Rema, thank you for choosing me to be part of one of the biggest songs in the world.


Love you forever Rema," the former Disney actress captioned the hearty photos.

Rema replied to the post letting Selena know that the feeling was mutual. "Love you too Queen ❤️" the 23-year-old artist wrote.

In 2022, Rema’s Rave & Roses album came with the critically acclaimed single on the charts. Calm Down remix ended up being a major smash hit.

It crossed all boundaries and broke records warming the hearts of every person who jammed to it.

Calm Down was promptly included on Billboard's Hot 100 list after its debut.  The remix ended up becoming the second-highest peak hit of Selena Gomez's career.

Fans flocked the comment section gassing Selena up for being a sweetheart and giving the Nigerian youth his flowers.

Below are a few comments;

John Ata Marlon: Calm Down is a worldwide hit, you and Rema did a great job, proud of you my girl, my Selena. ❤️

Valerysus: one of the biggest songs in the world” IKTRRRRRR FLEX THAT

Seneda_Greca: Yes! Congrats to you both! It’s such an amazing song. Well done 😍

Camila_Cabello: 😍😍😍😍😍

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