Image: Instagram

Amouranth, an American content creator, astonished people when she revealed how much money she is generating from her videos on those networks where she tapes herself sleeping.

According to the Iced Coffee Hour podcast, Amouranth acknowledged that she allows her followers to watch how she slumbers, earning $2 million, or 281.2 million Kenyan shillings, from the streams.

As the name implies, sleep streams are real-time video feeds of people sleeping that anyone can watch.


According to Amouranth, female broadcasters make a lot of money because viewers will pay to try to rouse the streamer through notifications or by loudly playing music or films on media sharing.

Amouranth claimed that because her recordings of herself dozing off were so well received, she quickly made over $9,940.

"If you're just going to rely on Twitch, maybe a couple of thousand dollars," she told the podcast.


"But, if you count the turnover, the potential of OnlyFans, while I'm asleep, then maybe about $10,000 to $15,000."

Amouranth also discussed a few of the additional lucrative endeavors she has attempted over the years, such as OnlyFans and investments in petrol stations and real estate.

She calculated that she made $2 million each month in total. Amouranth responded that scheduling conflicts made it tough to broadcast herself every night when questioned about why she didn't.