Pastor Mackenzie with his wife

A Shanzu court has granted Rhoda Maweu, the wife of suspected religious leader Paul Mackenzie, a personal bond of Sh100,000 and an additional surety of Sh500,000.

She had been in custody for 62 days, since her arrest on May 2. Senior Chief Justice of Shanzu Yusuf Shikanda said that the Government has failed to prove why she was held together with her husband and 28 others due to the deaths of Shakahola.

She will be required to report at any police station when called. However, Mackenzie and the other 16 defendants brought to court between April 15 and May 2, will continue to be held for another 30 days.


The court accepted their request to detain the suspects for 60 days.

The court also decided that the 11 more suspects, who appeared in court for the first time on July 3, will be detained for only three additional days.

The government would have to prove why they continue to detain them after spending 30 days under police and prison custody.

Mackenzie, his wife, and 16 others were the first to appear in court on May 2.


Another 12 were brought to court a month later on June 2. The court has decided that the first of the 18 votes, excluding Mackenzie's wife, will continue to be withheld for another 30 days.

The state had asked for 60 days. The court gave them 60 days, but starting from June 2.

The additional 12, who first appeared in court on June 2 (one died, leaving 11) would be detained for three more days.

The government has been required to prove why it continues to hold them.