is selling his beauty and spa salon
Moya David is selling his beauty and spa salon
Image: Instagram

Famed dance enthusiast and digital content creator Moya David has left netizens divided after he announced plans to sell his spa and beauty salon barely a year after he launched them.

Taking to his socials, Moya shared a video of him showing off his beauty salon before going forward to reveal that he was selling it for Sh.4.5 million.

In the said video, Moya could be seen standing outside the salon before walking back in and showing off the salon's interior.


"Hello what's up my beautiful people, my name is Moya David and I'm standing right in front of one of my beauty shops that I'm putting up for sale for only 4.5 million shillings.

Come with me guys, let us have a look," says the content creator as he turns and heads back into the salon showing off its interior and how well-equipped it is. 

Moya did not give reasons as to why he was selling off his establishment months after launching it.


Netizens however seem to have quite a few theories as to why the TikTok star is letting go of his investment barely a year after setting it up. According to a section of them, they believe the investment to have turned sour thus why Moya is running for the hills and let someone else suffer.

Below are a few comments:

kikuyu_og_: Yaani ameona haileti any akaona auizie mwingine kimrambie mbele ☺️

the_trendymood_254: Nliambia mtu business is not for everyone...if you see someone running even a kibanda for some time respects to them thats the hardest job in this streets🙂😇

king.waqs: Why do you sell when there's a profit in it?😂 let's think twice here😂

muhhamedsala: Kenya artist cannot do business 😂😂😂 it’s hard to maintain business.. name one Kenyan artist or influencer ame excel in business field.. i challenge anyone??

_chebet.__: Alidhani business ni likes za ig😂

shaainfluencer: 🤣 kimemramba alikua anafikiria biashara ni kama dance🤣🤣🤣

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