Carrol Muthoni
Image: Instagram

The ex-girlfriend of comedian Mulamwah, Carol Muthoni, recently said that she has been having thoughts about her ex.

At the moment, she noted, "Hii weather itafanya ni call ex."

On Sunday, July 9, Muthoni alias Sonnie made a suggestion that she had been attempting to summon the confidence to contact him and had finally been successful.


In a video taken during a car ride, Sonnie tenderly pats a man's hand while his watch and a portion of his arm are visible.

Carrol Muthoni's
Image: Instagram

She holds on to it while listening to Dawa ya Baridi by Mr. Seeds.

"Guys alishika simu. wacha twende hivi tunacome. msiumie call your exes," she told people about her answered prayers.

Soon after she gave birth to their daughter in December 2021, the two split up.

After a public argument and breakup with the comedian who was the father of her child in 2022, Carrol resumed dating.

She refuted his accusations that she had been unfaithful. It was a traumatic breakup, according to the mother of one, and she promised to potentially try love again.

She never made her mystery lover's face visible; all we saw was a beard. She then raved over her new man during an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko.

“I decided to show people I was happy but chose not to disclose who is making me happy. It was a personal choice but I’ll do a face reveal party for him soon. He needs it, I’m going to spend it on him,” Sonnie said.

It will be fascinating to see if she keeps her word to do a face reveal this time.

She warned supporters that she would be posting some content even though she had not been active on her platform.

"I know yall missed me on youtube make sure you subscribe if you haven't," she informed netizens using a heart emoji.

Mulamwah himself spent the weekend performing dances for his online followers that he had been working on with his best buddy Ruth.