Jua Cali
Image: Instagram

Njugush and his wife were criticised by by Jua Cali over the weekend when they were on tour in Australia for their TTNT show.

Despite the fact that Njugush is his friend, he claimed in his statement that he doesn't at all find what he does to be funny.

He received a lot of backlash from the public as a result of this statement, and as a result, people began to seek him out as a musician.


In a statement expressing regret for his remarks, the musician also acknowledged how much he enjoys stand-up comedy.

"Nimekua a huge Fan of StandUp comedy as an art form ever since nione the great Richard Pryor kwa ma Video tapes hii ni kitambo. Then Eddie Murphy came along killed it on the standUp stage...."

Jua Cali then made a comparison between the art of humour and music, saying that while a joke cannot be repeated in music, a song can.


" ...Standup comedian has to have a huge team of dope writers ndio special ikue na structure, examples of dope writers wale nawajua ni YY na Butita(Iam the one who encouraged @eddiebutita to do 1hr specials when we were on a flight to Dubai a few yrs back)..."

The gengetone artist continued to discuss the craft of stand-up comedy by stating that you need a crew to support you.

"Fans wa Njugush na Njugush poleni sana kama hio tweet ilicome out harsh hio haikua intention napenda Skits za Njugush ni vile tu StandUp ni ballgame ingine noma but polepole with practice NJUGUSH will become one of the Greats, let’s come together StandUp ni artform inataka patience na a lot of resources kama tu music industry but done right hapo kuna doe kuruka!!!"

He continued by citing some of the greatest stand-up comedians who have ever lived as role models for those hoping to break into the business.

The father of 3 continued by expressing his regret to Njugush's supporters and assuring them that he had no malicious intent.

He continued by saying that the comedian may perform better if he continued to practice stand-up comedy because mastering a skill takes time.