Abel Mutua, comic Eddie Butita, and actress Catherine Kamau have come hard against Jua Cali
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Renowned screenwriter, Abel Mutua, Eddie Butita, and Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress have banded together to ridicule artist Jua Cali for his recent remark regarding Njugush's Australian tour.

Njugush was a trending subject on Twitter for the whole of this week and over the weekend after people decided to criticise him for his performance at one of his gigs in Australia.

The user had voiced displeasure with his standup comedy delivery, which produced a range of responses.


One of those who participated in the conversation criticising Njugush was Jua Cali;

"Njugush ni boy wangu but hakuna comedian hapo, not funny at all.

"Stand up ni art form you need to study it fully before ujirushe ndani ni art form moja very clever very witty si ya kila mtu," Jua Cali said.


However, Abel Mutua, Kate Actress, and Eddie Butita indirectly responded to Jua Cali in a series of swift rejoinders.

Butita insulted Jua Cali by using Abel Mutua as a shield.

He continued by posting a video of a woman smashing a record player that was playing a song by Jua Cali.

Wacheni kunitumia hizi vitu Jua Cali ni boy wangu. Anyway acheni niende Njugush.ke niwatch TTNT4, Butita captioned the video.

@eddiebutita ni Boy wangu but 不不不不不不不Hakuna entertainer Hapo. No Talent at all!!!!!, Mutua captioned his post

Taking to Twitter Kate Actress also shared a video with Njugush at the airport; Look at these Talentless peeps catching flights instead of feelings. @BlessedNjugush,.

Jua Cali has since apologised to Njugush, claiming that his statement may have been exaggerated.

"Fans wa Njugush na Njugush poleni sana kama hio tweet ilicome out harsh hio haiku intention napenda Skits za Njugush ni fire ni vile tu StandUp ni ballgame ingine noma but people with practice NJUGUSH will become one of the Greats," he added.

"Lets come together StandUp ni artform inataka patience na a lot of resources kama tu music industry but done right hapo kuna doe karaka!!! If we put our heads together tutatoboa, Jua Cali said.