Karen Nyamu with Samidoh.
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Karen Nyamu has responded after her faith was questioned due to her choice of relationship partner.

The mother of three had published her photo on Instagram and under it she revealed how Jesus has been with her in her successful journey.

"Jesus walks with her, that's her superpower," Senator Nyamu wrote under a photo of her wearing a scouts uniform.


In the comments section, one fan accused her of being a marriage destroyer and said that God does not like such people.

"God does not like someone who destroys family," Dorcasgift6 told her..

The politician who seemed displeased with the Instagram user's comments replied,


"Who said you will stop sinning when you walk with Jesus? And since when did polygamy become a sin."

The UDA senator has often been accused of destroying the marriage of Mugiithi singer Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh with whom she has two children.

Over the past few weeks, the two have been seen together a lot while Samidoh's wife of many years, Edday Nderitu continues to enjoy quality time with her family in the United States.

Edday moved to the United States suddenly more than two months ago but did not reveal the purpose of her visit and the time she would spend in the Western country.

It is also not clear if her marriage with the Mugiithi singer is still alive. Earlier this month, Senator Nyamu noted that it is her prayer that his lover Samidoh will come to reunite with his family and Edday Nderitu who has been enjoying time in the United States.

The lawyer confirmed that it is her prayer that one day Edday will return home so they can be one big family.

Nyamu had posted a quote about helping others when his co-parent's wife was made the subject of.

"Remember whenever you are in a position to help someone, always enjoy doing it because that is God answering someone else's prayers through you," Karen Nyamu wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

One fan replied, "One day Edday's family will be reunited." Without hesitating, senator Nyamu seemed to agree with the fan's opinion, and at that time she hinted that she would be very happy to see the Muchoki family unite and become big again.

"It is our prayer too. Let's grow into one big family." In another comment, a fan asked her how she was helping Samidoh's wife to answer her prayers.

"I wonder which of (Edday's) prayers God is answering through you," a Facebook user asked.

Karen replied, "God will use other people to believe in me."