Diana Marua with Bahati
Image: Instagram

Kenyan music artist Kevin Bahati, the famous son of Diana, has made a post about his girlfriend that has created a buzz and evoked mixed feelings among netizens, especially on Instagram and Twitter.

In that post, Bahati posted Diana's photo and asked for permission to bite 'it' with Diana also replying that she is fully his alone.

"Can I bite it tonight?" Bahati asked in the photo below that he posted on his Instagram page.

Diana Marua
Image: Instagram

"I’m all yours Dzaaadddyyy 😋 just how I like it… nice and slow 😉🫦" she wrote back.

Many in the networks showed different feelings, where one replied that if it was love, let them love each other in the house but not online;

“Lakini si mpendanie ndani ya nyumba tu?” one critic said online.

Others seemed surprised by the photo while questioning whether this was how the mother of three children should look online.

“Kama mama wa watoto watatu ni mzuri kiasi hiki...” another wrote.

Diana Marua's screenshot
Image: Instagram

The power couple thrives on controversy, something that has helped their brand grow impressively over the years.

The photo above is just par for the course as far as their strategy to eye-raising create content and thus clout for themselves, which in turn brings attention and money.

Critics might not like it, but it works. Just look at Diana's huge YouTube following.

The mom of 3 is the most followed female YouTuber in Kenya and will most likely pass the million mark this year, something even most Kenyan male celebs aren't even close to.