Mixed reactions as Kylie and Jordyn reunite 4 years after Tristan Thompson drama

Kylie & Jordyn had a fallout after it was alleged Jordyn cheated with Tristan who was then dating Kylie's big sister Khloe

Jordyn Woods with her former bff Kylie Jenner in the past
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The online streets are ablaze after entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Jordyn Woods was spotted with her former best friend, beauty mogul and reality TV star Kylie Jenner.

Both stars were dressed up for the night out and appeared to be in good spirits, with Jordyn even flashing a smile for the cameras.

Kylie rocked an asymmetrical black and white top paired with black trousers, while Jordyn wore a multicolored body-con dress from her own clothing brand, Woods by Jordyn.

The duo was also seen in the same car after their dinner.

If you don't recall Jordyn and Kylie had a nasty fallout 4 years ago after it was alleged that Jordyn had cheated with Khloe's then-boyfriend basketball player Tristan Thompson.

The Kardashian family angrily turned on Jordyn, after she confirmed that during a house party, Tristan had indeed locked lips with her and severed ties with the fashion enthusiast.

"On the way out, he did kiss me," Jordyn had revealed to Jada Pinkett Smith on an episode of Red Table Talk back in 2019. "It's just no passion, no nothing on the way out….It was like a kiss on the lips. But no tongue kiss, no making out, nothing," she'd added.

Jordyn and Kylie hanging out in the past

Much to people's dismay they still kept Tristan around, who went on to cheat on Koko and get an Instagram model pregnant a year later.

Jordyn unfollowed the family on all social media platforms and moved out of Kylie's house and that marked their 7-year friendship coming to an end.

However, it now seems that the two are rekindling things.

According to photos making rounds online, the two stars were spotted leaving a sushi restaurant together in Los Angeles on Saturday night. The first time they'd been seen out in public in 4 years.

Jordyn's fans are not feeling the reunion and have not been shy to express this. As a matter of fact, Jordyn has had to limit the comments on her Instagram posts following the multitude of "don't go back" comments that she's been receiving.

Below are a few comments:

dmtchild: Girl wtf was you doing out with Kylie after we fought vehemently for you 🤨

0315Phonenix: You better not go back — she had you walking behind her like a peasant— stand up queen Jordy!!!

Pretty face_LisaThe fact that she waited this long. Let her stay gone

Maplegoodies: Please don't go backwards to the Kardashians... leave them where they are. They're just jealous & want in on what you have going on. You know how it goes... and stop walking behind her. That's what we always saw. You lead these next chapters sis 👑❤️

I am_the _lady_kay: Don’t loose focus now sweetheart you’ve come out of their shadow so please don’t dim your light again . Forgive but never forget

But there are a few fans who seem excited for the reunion and are commending the friends for growing and finding a way back to each other.

Will the two go back to being as close as they used to? Only time will tell.

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