Larry Madowo stuns Kenyans showing off his 'husband-material' skills (video)

The CNN journalist excited many Kenyans with his excellence

CNN journalist Larry Madowo

International award-winning Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo has elicited a lot of excitement online after he shared a video of himself showing off his culinary skills when it comes to preparing ugali.

Taking to his Instagram page, Larry who currently works with CNN, shared a video of him preparing ugali with an array of meat and vegetable dishes already lined out on the kitchen countertops.

In the video, he could be heard proudly gassing himself up maintaining that he was indeed husband material for he knew his way in the kitchen as he happily showed off his creation.


"Labda hii ugali itafanya upate mtu... ebu anagalia hapa we confirm that you are the one cooking," a lady in the background could be heard saying as they all burst out into bouts of laughter.

Without missing a beat Larry who was wearing a cap turned to face the camera as he continuously pounded and stirred the ugali.

"Husband material, mkae mkijua... ebu angalia vile imeivaa, look at that," the media personality bragged as the camera got closer to perfectly capture the sufuria and ingredients in it.


Larry couldn't help but smile with joy as he went on to perfectly shape his ugali and let it cook a while longer before transferring it from the sufuria to a plate.

Captioning the video he wrote, "Nani anataka ugali?" Which simply translates to, "Who wants a meal of ugali (mixed corn flour)"


Fans and friends had mixed reactions online which ranged from praising the international journalist for his amazing skills and perfectly shaped ugali to archaic people who marvelled at a man in the kitchen.

Below are a few comments; 

jua cali genge: 🔥🔥🔥

emmanuel talam: Uongo! Uongo! Show from the start

alvin.kaunda: Enyewe imeiva…😂😂

sammy_grampus: You know I always wonder how this irony came about. We grew up knowing that cooking is for women, but apparently in modern days I realise that indeed its us who are cooking for them. Anyway, cook for your girlfriend OR WE WILL!

joanenicole6: Mume nyumbani 😂

dee_machuki: Kwanini unapigana na mwiko😂😂still came out lovely though

madame_irene_maisha: 🔥🔥that ugali is calling yawa haven't forgotten how you were taught ...

its_omondii: hii ndo inabamba sasa😂😂

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