Sanaipei Tande
Image: Instagram

Musician and radio presenter Sanaipei Tande has advised women to make sure they first look for wealth before getting married.

The 38-year-old artist who previously said she was in no hurry to get married, explained that many women make mistakes when they rush to get married without owning anything.

"Finding a job is very important for a woman. Continue to work if you have a job that pays well. We have witnessed many women who leave marriage and lack money to support themselves."


Sanaipei added; "If your husband wants to take care of you or give you money, you still need to have your own money because you can't predict what tomorrow will bring."

The musician who is also an actress had said in a previous interview that she was in no hurry to get married despite the pressure from her fans to announce her relationship.

"Marriage is not the main goal in life, let it be very clear. I think I get a lot from fans and their statements are like oh you should get married now you are old and it is sad, it saddens me because I wonder is that everything you think of?"


In the same interview, she said that marriage is not a sign of success in life.

However, she explained that she would like to have only two children when she gets married.

"Have you heard that if you are not married you are not successful? It is very sad. Again, marriage is not my main goal but it would be good to be married to have someone to take care of me because, I hear that the man is the first child of a woman. I want to be a mother of two children."