Shakib Cham and Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan hurt her spouse with a cruel trick on him just a day after they got back together after being away from each other for weeks.

In the midst of their recent marital conflict over insulting remarks she made about him, Zari and Shakib reconciled.

Following a disastrous trip to the UK where she hosted an all-white party, Zari labelled her husband in a leaked audio recording from June dumb and insecure.


The celebration was postponed due to issues with the promoter, who then posted screenshots of her argument with Zari and an audio clip of the mother of five insulting her husband.

He replied quickly, warning her and requesting that she show him respect. They went a few weeks without speaking.

On July 26, Zari posted a video demonstrating their reunion. They spend a lovely time getting back together.


They were both seated in another video that she later published. He received a dreadful confession from her regarding the experience of getting waxed by a male.

"Baby, can I tell you a story? Baby let me tell you a story," she begins recounting.

"So I went to the spa the other day for waxing. I got a guy to watch me. You know waxing right? So I got a guy to watch me. And he was touching me, taking it off."

He looks at her in disbelief as he asks her what for. She replies, "I had to wax. I was coming to see you, it had to be clean."

He stops looking at her and asks her something that is inaudible, "There was no option."

They continue talking in their native language and it's clear the man is not happy at all. She insists he looks at her. "Babae look at me baby look at me," she repeats but he doesn't turn in her direction.

"I'm joking," she laughs at her prank. "Babe it's like your soul left your body Im joking look at me. Wallahi Binlahhi Im just pranking you. You are on video, look at me. Baby look at me, it's a joke, I could never let another man touch me baby," she laughs again trying to reassure him.

Shakib still does not look at her as he holds his head in frustration. "Baby it's a joke. You're on video," she continues.