Nigerian artist Victony

Nigerian music sensation Victony has released his much-awaited singles, "Angelus" and "My Darling."

The artistic journey behind "Angelus" and "My Darling" showcases Victony's remarkable talent and demonstrates his ability to create music that resonates with listeners.

Through immersive melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Victony invites audiences to embark on an emotional journey.

"Angelus" and "My Darling" are meticulously crafted compositions that weave together elements of love, vulnerability, and raw authenticity.

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Each track is a testament to Victony's artistic vision and his commitment to creating captivating musical experiences.

Victony's distinct sound and lyrical prowess shine brightly in the two songs.

The seamless blend of genres and the artist's unique vocal delivery create a sonic landscape that is both refreshing and engaging.

These captivating tracks are now available for streaming on all major platforms.