Diamond Platnumz vs Alikiba
Image: Courtesy

The dispute between Tanzanian musicians Alikiba and his colleague Diamond Platinumz aka Simba has continued to grow as they throw jabs at each other online.

On Sunday night, Diamond was seen insulting and humiliating fellow musician Alikiba in public on his Instastories saying that no musician had ever flourished under his tutelage.

"Then the King is talking about the spirit of seeking...really?...hey, between you and me, who doesn't have the spirit to help people? When only you, your blood brother, failed to help him flourish musically when he has great potential!"


He wrote Simba on his Instagram page referring to Alikiba.

Alikiba was quick to respond to the Wasafi label owner, comparing him to a poor version of the Migos musician, Quavo.

According to King kiba, Diamond is a weak Quavo. "Sema Kwevo is very weak, we party two three with friends, several interviews with XXL, the spirit is looking for you, get an insta story, and then you have to get used to the strong dance (Kali) šŸ¤£otherwise, your dirty spirit will stress you the day you come to OD." Alikiba answered Diamond.

The musician who released his recent song 'Sumu' went on to advise the WCB boss that the money he spends fighting with his fellow musicians could be put to better use if he went to a singing college.


"And then you got a chance to use it well, my brother, the money you invest to bring figures to your friends' parties, you should even go to vocal training and create a good production team, so that you stop being jealous and suppressing."

Alikiba ended his speech to Diamond by encouraging him to listen to his new song, while praising him for the song he shared with Marioo.