Brian Chira
Image: Clause Masika

TikToker Brian Chira Wambui has been freed on a Sh50,000 cash bond with a matching guarantee.

Chira has been accused of harassing others online. He is accused of defaming radio DJ Azziad Nasenya and TikTok Queen through the use of his TikTok account.

Nevertheless, he refuted the accusations in front of Kibera Principal Magistrate Renee Kitagwa on Monday.


On September 12, the case will be discussed.

Detectives chose Chira last week after she is accused of accusing Azziad of being a liar.

According to Nasenya's attorney, her client decided to sue the TikToker for allegedly defaming her and damaging her reputation.


The attorney continued by alleging that Chira released Azziad's phone information to the public, which caused her grief since strangers started phoning and abusing her.