Terrified KRG divulges issues viral cash video has brought

Yesterday evening the artist shared a video where he could be seen stashing huge wads of cash in a backpack

Kenyan artist KRG the Don flaunts huge wads of cash
Image: Instagram

Kenyan artist KRG the Don is detailing all the woes he's been through ever since he posted a video flaunting huge bundles of cash on his socials yesterday evening.

Sharing a video on his Instagram stories the musician went on to reveal that he was barely able to sleep in the evening for fear that people hungry for the money would be able to track him.

"Unadhani nimelala mahali moja usiku yote?Nimelala niki hama hama hadi asubuhi. Nimelala nyumba nne kutoka usiku hadi asubuhi," started off the father of 3 as his friend burst out laughing.


He went on to narrate his fears highlighting how conscious and insecure he felt throughout the night after flaunting his bundles of cash.

"Nalala 2 hours naona nikama wanakuja hapo natoka, nahama hiyo nyumba naenda ingine... Hiyo pesa imeniletea shida mingi sana," KRG said trying to stifle his laughter.


The artist confirmed that posting the bundles of money late at night was a bad idea in retrospect.

In the video his friends could be heard agreeing with him as they all quipped their two cents on the story.

His friend, identified as Eduuh went on to ask Bughaa to give him some of the cash he was carrying around revealing he'd been waiting for it ever since he saw the father of 3 flaunting.

"Tuonane basi... huyu ni manager wako utakuwa na yeye kila saa... amka tuonane," Eduuh could be heard saying.

To which Bughaa replied saying;

"Pesa iko kwa gari wewe relax... chukua kitu uketi angalau ukunywe maji,"

He went to add that his friend had been hot on his heelsa sking for a share of the bag;

"Unajua huyu mtu amekuwa akinisumbua usiku mzima, ameniwinda kama swara anashinda tu toka tuonane namwambia hiyo biashara haiwezekani usiku,"

The controversial artist finishing off by confirming to his friend that he'd switched off his phone because he was scared of people tracking him and figuring out where he was sleeping with the wads of cash.

Kenyan artist KRG the Don

Yesterday evening, KRG had shared a video showing him handing his best friend Dufla Diligon big bundles of cash while they were dining at KRG's mansion.

He went on to tell Dufla the money was for his enjoyment while asking him to remember to do some shopping for his mother and spoil her a little bit.

While flaunting the money, the Mambo Imechemaka hitmaker shared a video where he could be seen stashing bundles of cash in a back bag.

In the video, he could be heard allegedly turning down a gig from a betting company that wanted him to strike a deal with them for Sh90 million.

He claims that he can only enter into the deal if he is given Sh100 million. In the whole of this talking, he is busy stashing the money in a bag.

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