Tanzanian singer Zuchu is not all happy with her fellow Tanzanian musicians. The 'Sukari' hitmaker said it is only in Tanzania where artistes compete by buying bots.

A view bot is an automated software that is always operating in the background and adding views to your YouTube videos.

Zuchu lamented of such artistes, who buy bots to add to their Youtube views, competing with artistes with organic viewership.

"Nawaza kama msanii unajiskiaje kununua viewers. Ni kama unakua unaijua nafasi yako ila ndio hivyo unaificha ficha Kimoyo moyo. Unajiskiaje yaani. Only in Tanzania," she wrote on her Instagram stories.

(I keep thinking to myself, what fellow artistes feel of themselves when they buy views. Its like you know your position in the industry but you want to hide it. What do you feel. Only in Tanzania) 

Her new song 'Honey' has surpassed 2 million views on social media. Meanwhile, as she makes a mark in the music industry, her love life has been hitting the headlines.

Zuchu recently revealed that she destroyed her boyfriend's property; Diamond Platnumz after she found out that he had kissed another woman on the Netflix reality show, Young, Famous and African.

"Yeah it happened, I was so angry. He crossed the boundaries, those are not things we do on TV. I was hurt."

She denied the rumours that the management sliced part of her earnings to cater for the damage.

 "Kulipishwa hapana, I think my boss is better than that."