Singer Akothee

Musician Akothee's life and her theatrics will forever spark public debate.

On Sunday, August 5, Akothee was scheduled to talk to pupils at a girls' high school as the organisation launched numerous initiatives.

However, she received prompt word that she had been declined after alumni and Church leadership voiced concerns that she did not meet the bill.


The offer sent to Akothee to be the keynote speaker and inspire the girls with her foundation was rejected by the church that oversees the institution.

The invitation came from Ngiya students High School for a variety of events the students were participating in, including a talent show.

Akothee received the letter and responded to the cancellation right away.

The singer expressed her dissatisfaction and surprise that there was a disagreement regarding her participation on Monday, August 7.


Her remark was sparked by a WhatsApp message that hinted things were not going well.

“We have new developments in Ng'iya girls, We shall have to cancel the event because the ACK Bishop of the area is not comfortable with our presence. They even went to the school and were very hard on the principal,” it read.

The official announcement followed, and she informed Kenyans by posting it on Instagram. She wrote a lengthy note in which she lamented the church's predicament and stated that she was prepared to assist the school with all of its requirements. She declared that she will never stop doing good deeds.

The 40-year-old businesswoman has once again taken to the public eye to criticise society for putting undue pressure on her to serve as a mentor.

Akothee reemerged on Tuesday to allay worries that were voiced after she gained widespread attention on social media.

As evidence that some facets of society view her as a beneficial influence, Akothee claims she has numerous pending guest invitations that she has not yet accepted.

"Esther Akoth Kokeyo steps into a church a quick fundraising is organized🤣🤣🤣You should see how many invitations for fundraising for churches are on my desk 🤣👉When The kanungo queen Hits the stage no artist wants to perform after her 🤣🤣👉When schools opens and students are stranded with school fee, the entire Kenya will tag her on those various posts , they know my strength 💪👉Given a microphone to speak , Oooh Ooh, my motivational speaker will pump wisdom into your veins."

The mother of five affirmed her respect for others' viewpoints while simultaneously pleading with society to stop putting pressure on her.

"THE KENYAN TABLE SHAKER 🤣🤣🤣THE KENYAN NEWS 🤣👉Akothee the table shaker has shaken the Kenyan tables again 🤣🤣🤣🤣All the drinks are on the floor 🤣🤣🤣👉The trouble maker steps out of her car just to say haloo , Politicians and their supporters panic, yet she has Zero appetite in politics," she began lashing out.

Esther Akoth spoke of the blessing that God had bestowed upon her;

"When schools open and students are stranded with school fees, the entire Kenya will tag her on those various posts, they know my strength 💪👉Given a microphone to speak, Oooh Ooh,my motivational speaker will pump wisdom into your veins👉Come to parenting and children's morals , President of Single mothers has the crown , .see 3 degrees in a row not birth certificates/ 🤣🤣🤣, Oyoo kende ema odagi Luok👉When it comes to investments, The entrepreneur stops at nothing until she gets it right 💪" she ended noting she is the epitome of a strong woman.

She has received support from KOT as well as praise for everything she has accomplished.