Janet Mbugua
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Janet Mbugua has unveiled a love sonnet that she composed 18 years ago. This follows the other one she published last week.

She continued with another love poem that she had written 18 years before. She still cannot believe how intense her emotions were back then.


"Another original poem from my collection. Feels like I’m sharing a super vulnerable piece of me online……fragments of my emotions.❤️Anyway, happy ‘in-your-feelings’ Tuesday!," she wrote.

The poem shows the person was struggling in love and concludes by saying, "We're just not meant to be together."

Janet Mbugua
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Mbugua had previously composed a poem between 2005 and 2007 that likewise dealt with love and breakup.


The poetry, she claimed, had transported her back in time;

"So many of them are about love, lost love, passion, relationships…so now I’m trying to think back and figure out who I was then, what I was thinking, dealing with. Who I was with! This is one of the few I’m posting as I figure out what to do with the rest 😬Don’t laugh! Try not to 😃I was simply expressing myself :)And clearly letting go of lost love!"

Janet Mbugua's poem
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Mbugua also said that she had many more original poems in her library.