Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo
Image: Instagram

In an extensive interview with Obinna, Kennedy Rapudo, the fiancé of Amber Ray, opened up about his personal life, his upbringing, and a lot of other little-known details about himself.

Kennedy said that during his formative years, he had resided in Kisumu, the Rift Valley, Western Kenya, and other places.

"Nilizaliwa Mombasa and then my mum had different jobs so i have been to different places. Nimeishi Kisumu, Rift Valley, western, niko kila mahali," he admitted.


Many people are unaware of the fact that Rapudo sold things like flasks on the streets of Nairobi as a hawker after completing form 4.

Not only that, but the father of two also ventured into the brick industry and poultry farming in search of his financial niche and the path to financial independence.

"I did that one and then at some point I went back home. Nilikua nachoma matofali. I also tried my hands in kufuga kuku. I have been here and there trying to hustle," he said.


The successful businessman began working for numerous oil businesses including TULO and Africa Oil after earning a Master's degree at the University of Nairobi.

"Tulikuwa tunafanyia different oil companies in Kenya. One of them was TULO. There was also Africa oil. We were doing research for them. After that I went back to USIU to do my second Masters because I loved their programs," he said.

Rapudo's entrepreneurial adventure began to take off eight years ago when he began driving multiple cars for Uber.

He would later get his biggest break with a Dutch travel agency, for which he planned tours for customers from the Netherlands, and it was just the beginning for him.

"After that I left the job in 2015 and got into doing some business. Nilikuwa na magari. After that I started working for a Dutch company, we were doing tours and travels. Mostly we were dealing with inbounds. clients were coming form mostly Netherlands."

Rapudo made the decision to launch his own tour company and seek out "God" after the Covid outbreak decimated the business he worked for.

Kennedy's explanation of how he acquired his income would undoubtedly put an end to the unneeded conjecture that has plagued her for the past year regarding his source of wealth.