Paul Mackenzie
Image: The-Star

On Thursday, interesting proceedings were presented to court staff and attendees as controversial pastor Paul Mackenzie preached in front of the judge.

Mackenzie and 27 other co-accused individuals were arraigned in a Shanzu court in anticipation of a decision on whether to permit the State to hold them for an additional 47 days.

Many people will try to enter the narrow gate to paradise, but many will fail, according to Mackenzie's lecture.


“Yesu alisema kuingia kwa mlango ulio mwembamba wengi watataka lakini wasiweze. Akasema mtu ni lazima aviwache vyote ndipo aweze kuwa mwanafunzi wake. Tosha,” he said.

“Waambieni wanadamu maneno hayo. Ni ya Yesu sio ya Mackenzie. Yesu alisema jitahidini kuingia kupitia kwa mlango ulio mwembamba maana wengi watataka lakini wasiweze.”

The words are drawn from the Bible from the book of Luke 13:24 which as per the New International Version says, “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.”


The 90 days that Mackenzie and the co-accused have already been detained.

On August 2, the Director of Public Prosecutions submitted a request asking for permission for the police to hold the suspects for at least seven weeks so they could complete their investigation.

At least 12 charges, including murder, suicide counselling and aid, kidnapping, radicalization, genocide, crimes against humanity, child abuse, fraud, and money laundering, are being brought against Mackenzie, his wife Rhoda Maweu, and the other co-accused.

They are held accountable for their role in the deaths of more than 425 individuals, whose remains were excavated from Shakahola.

The State contends that it is preferable to devote more time to thorough investigations and take all reasonable steps to hasten the hearing and resolution of the matter.