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Comedian Oga Obinna still seems to feel sorry for controversial provocateur Brian Chira.

The former Kiss100 anchor has come forward to make assumptions about why Chira is acting in an increasingly erratic way.

Obinna stated that he believes the TikTok star is pleading for help in a video that was posted to his Instagram profile with the description "Boychild is hurting."


"Brian Chira is hurting and it's a call for help. So whoever can help kindly do so cause what you Kenyans are doing is not good. You have heard he also dissed me. He said he came and I treated him like a VIP, I treated him like a human being. 

Sadly to say despite all the things we agreed on at our meeting, he has gone against all I said. Mimi sasa nimeosha mkono. I'm out but remember everything has consequences."

Azziad, Obinna, Huddah, Jalang'o, and even Vera Sidika were among the celebrities that Chira attacked in his volatile personal life, which he continued to criticise Kenyans for watching.


"He's continuing to choma and you Kenyans are doing a very wrong thing. You're gassing him u, you're watching his Lives, making him feel like he's winning, while he's not! Wow! It's a cry for help. Man come on!"

In response to Obinna's video, some Kenyans agreed with his perspective while others felt Chira was being treated unfairly.

The TikToker himself replied to Obinna's post with the following message:

Read some of those comments below;

official_rosalita It’s only in kenya where someone can viciously & continuously insult other people on the internet & still be viewed as the victimπŸ₯²

akinyi.mitchy I saw a screenrecord aki attack Jalango and people were there gassing him .. telling him mention Azziad..I was perplexed.....

lea.leander. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ kwani pesa alichangisha TikTok zimeisha πŸ˜‚kuna world coin pia πŸ˜‚

sharinho_didier When they say hurt people try so hard to hurt people??? This is exactly what they mean. Not too long ago did he bully a fellow Kenyan on social media expecting person x to sink into depression, there are people who’ve been through sad steps to be where they are and then you just want to kill their dreams like that? Ofcos when God wants to teach you a lesson, he does it amicably that the next time he gives you a chance to breath again. Good riddance!

propesaa Society needs such kind of people. Wasikue wengi sana but wazimu kidogo ni necessary.

greenlightphotograpghy__ Inaitwa kupata fame bila guidance

vvan_quay Sasa tukimalizana na mambo ya high cost of living tuanzie kushugulika na brayo. Everyone is entitled to their own behavior and social media is here to stay. Sisi tunakuhype hapa tunanyekea mbele ya wazazi. πŸ™Œ