Image: JB Formative

The American rapper Fabolous is currently in the nation and will play tonight at Nairobi's Sk8city, which just opened on the top floor of Diamond Plaza II.

The rapper expressed his excitement at his arrival in Kenya to Chito Ndhlovu and Kwambox on the Morning Kiss.

"It was a long trip but I'm happy to be here, it's my first time here in Nairobi and in Kenya, I wanted to come and see the country and see the people and perform for you guys, I'm honored to be here."


The rapper continued by saying how much he appreciated receiving flowers and a Kenyan flag at the airport.

"They picked me up in a Maybach. I wanna see you as much as you wanna see me."

Given that Kwambox has been a musician for more than 20 years, he asked for the catalogue of the song he was going to perform live.


"I'm going to hit some classic, it's my first time so we gonna go through everything, of course, the classic with happy old memories, we gonna do some new stuff as well and try to have some good time."

Fabolous in Kenya
Image: JB Formative

Fabolous does not believe that hip hop will die as a genre as the genre turns 50.

"Hip hop continues to grow, it sparks light, it sparks energy all over the world. African artistes are as well tapping in and the music as a whole is universal and you hear it all over the world whether it's afrobeats, amapiano,".

"I've been to two to five countries on this trip and heard afrobeats, the sound, and the music is speeding all over. In America, people like Burna Boy, and Wizkid, music has touched the states."

"I am more in tune with some of the music and I discover more African music every day."

Fabolous was given a Kenyan name by Chito; Onyango as Kwambox requested that it be Papa Fab.

"Because you've been giving us fab music," she said

The rapper promised to make jerseys with the two names.

Tickets for the show are still on sale at Ticketyetu.com