Crazy Kennar with his old crew.
Image: Instagram

Many Kenyans were left confused about what had occurred when Crazy Kennar's Content Cartel lost many of its crucial cast members.

All of the participants kept quiet, and only whispers could be heard, but no clear answers emerged.

However, it appears that important cast members Yvonne Khisa and Bushra have made the decision to reveal the truth.

Bushra said that Kennar had deceived them during an interview with Dr. Ofweneke on TV47.


She even went so far as to suggest that they won't ever reunite or collaborate again.

Ofweneke had questioned whether they would ever work with one of Kenya's most well-known comics again if he were to contact.

"If Kennar called you now will you pick up? Or come back?" the famous MC asked.


Without missing a beat, Bushra answered, "The disrespect was too much to even go back." 

Although she possessed Crazy Kennar's phone number, she said, they no longer speak as a result of their dramatic breakup.

The allegations follow Kennar's alleged declaration that he was seeking fresh female content creators to collaborate with on his brand.

As of the time this article was posted, we attempted to reach Crazy Kennar for comment on the matter but were unable because he has not returned our calls, texts, or messages on WhatsApp, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

Watch Yvonne and Bushra's conversation with Ofweneke in the interview below;

Below are some comments from Kenyans who watched the interview;

Hon Douglas Maraga - Kiongozi  · FollowMy honest opinion, Kennar is doing better without them. Sometimes you have to let people go for you to fly higher and higher. And now they need to work harder to reach where Kennar is. It's good to learn better and apply that knowledge in a great way before leaving a group. I think they were limiting Kennar to some extent. 

Maurine MohCrazy Kennarr you are doing better ...we love it boooooy..

Evanson Ndungu You need Kennar more than he does.He is the catalyst in the game!!

Edicah Walter Charo Humble yourselves and you will be elevatedI understand the generation that wanna make it in 6 months time after getting a job. I am not a fan of Kennar; but of late, he is doing better without them

Henry Nzimbi Kinyele They still have to mention him for relevance.