Benjamin Mendy
Image: Commons Wikimedia

Benjamin Mendy, a former defender for Manchester City, is suing his old team for Sh2 billion in unpaid salaries from August 2021 to June 2023.

On July 14, a jury found the French citizen not guilty of six counts of rape and one count of sexual abuse involving four young women.

He was charged with abusing the women at his home between October 2018 and August 2021, according to the women.


The women claimed that during the clandestine parties held while Covid was under lockdown, it frequently occurred.

However, Mendy was exonerated of raping four women and assaulting a fifth in January.

However, the jury was deadlocked on two remaining charges, forcing a retrial.


The club placed the 29-year-old on indefinite leave before releasing him at the conclusion of the 2022–23 season when his contract had expired.

After being contacted by French League 1 team Fc Lorient, he ultimately decided to revive his career by signing a two-year contract with them.

In order to stay out of bankruptcy, Mendy was also compelled to sell his mansion, which is worth Sh2 billion. His overdue taxes amount to a total of Sh146 million.

The French international is the target of a bankruptcy order from the English revenue department, but the hearing has been postponed until October 4 to give him more time to raise the funds.

His accountant claims that because Mendy was found not guilty of any of the charges against him, Manchester City must pay him.

Because Mendy was found not guilty, he remarked, "We are negotiating with City to get the back pay."

Mendy departed French club Monaco in 2017 for a cost of Sh9.5 billion, at the time the biggest transfer fee for a defender.

He was on a six-year contract with a basic salary of £100,000 per week and potential bonuses.