Mercy Tarus
Image: Instagram

Mercy Tarus who hit the headlines last week after being seen in a video criticizing the leaders of Uasin Gishu county has made it clear why she showed such anger.

Speaking on Radio Jambo with presenter Massawe Japani on her program,  Tarus said that her parents especially her father was sick and had borrowed one million shillings to see his daughter succeed in going to Canada.

Tarus said that the leadership of Uasin Gishu County asked the parents to pay each of them the amount that was mentioned so that their children could go to foreign countries to develop themselves academically, and Mercy wanted to go to Canada.


On her part, Mercy gave six hundred thousand shillings and later she came and was asked to add another four hundred thousand to make it one million shillings.

"My father is suffering from a disease in which the white blood cells cannot fight the disease, he continues to be sick and his treatment is very expensive and also considering that he was about to retire... and he borrowed a million shillings that went with the flow," Mercy said bitterly.

"There are those who went and then there are others who are here with us... we were told that by December we will be gone, we paid money quickly because we saw that life was going to change," Tarus explained.


"The number of people who have not traveled is 321 and there are 278 who have gone and this year 44 have gone. I paid my money 600k last year and this year I paid 400k... during the meeting they said that they used their wisdom to use our money to pay for others to travel," she added.

Referring to last week's meeting where she was seen criticizing the leaders, She said that despite finishing college in 2021, she still hasn't found a job for what she studied but that she was still pushing with life.

"I am a hairdresser but on weekends I sell porridge and mandazi.  I'm looking for a job, I studied but I haven't succeeded," she said.