Andrew Kibe
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YouTuber Andrew Kibe from Kenya says he will never wed again. On his most recent YouTube video, he passionately explained why he will never consider getting married a second time.

Kibe was answering a question from a female fan who wanted to know if he would marry her. 'No!' he exclaimed to her.

Additionally, he listed five reasons why he will never again give marriage any thought.


In essence, it depends on how chaotic the marriage is. Kibe had a four-year marriage.

"Si uliskia nikisema mimi sitaki bibi sioni haja ya kupata bibi, tufanye nini na yeye," he blasted the woman.

He was left with a bad taste in his mouth by this institution,


"I will never, sioni haja, tufanye nini na yeye, what is it that I'm doing in my life right now that I need a wife for, you see if a wife comes in fact if a girlfriend comes in all this sh* disappears quickly, I will continuously be unable to run this sh* because of 'kakaka' (indicating nagging with fingers)"

According to Kibe, a second factor is that wives enjoy dragging their husbands to activities.

"Alafu sasa kuna events, hio ndio kitu hunibore tu events twingi hazina mbele wala nyuma."

Other reasons he listed included persistent nagging from ladies and their queries.

"Alafu tuswali, *kekekke* staki."

The second factor is physical intimacy, which can be difficult.

"Alafu sasa pia ile time hutaki kud-ny-na lazima ud-ny-ne because you are an adult star, remember you introduced yourself to her as a star so you must maintain that level of every night even when you don't want."