Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram

Stevo Simple Boy, also known as Stephen Otieno Adera, has access to his YouTube channel and other platforms.

The musician from Kibera told Kenyans in a press release that he is pleased that the conflict with his former management has been resolved.

"I thank God after a long discussion with @mibafrica I have been able to recover my accounts. I thank the manager @chingiboy_mstado."


He was happy that his social media accounts had been transferred from his former managers.

"Hello bravo bravo I am back with a bang let us meet tomorrow at 10 on YouTube," he said.

Back in June, when the termination of the contract caused a national outrage. In an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, his wife Grace Atieno acknowledged he was poor.


"A lot of people assume that Stevo is the one who operates his Tiktok and Instagram pages but he is not. Many complain about wanting to help him but he is unreachable," she said.

"It hurts me to talk about this. He has nothing. People assume he is living a good life but he is struggling. He is struggling, you can contact him or send him financial help. He will deeply appreciate it."

Kenyans were notified by MIB in their notification that his music deal will be terminated on July 31.

"We would like to notify you that we no longer wish to proceed with our musical contract with you. This letter serves as a notice to you of our intent to terminate the contract in a lawful and in accordance with the protocols," the statement read.

"Please note that your cooperation will be needed during this period of transition for smoothing running of the termination process."

According to MIB, a smooth transfer required 35 days of laying out the interests of both parties.