Kirinyaga Woman Rep Jane Njeri clutches her head with a tissue paper to stop bleeding, Tuesday, August 22, 2023.
Image: Screengrab

Jane Njeri, a representative for Kirinyaga women, was hurt on Tuesday after mayhem rocked a meeting she had arranged in Kerugoya town.

A video clip that was circulated online showed people fleeing in all directions as two camps clashed, with Njeri saying the brawl hurt crippled ladies.

The Woman Rep, who was holding a tissue paper to her head as she spoke about the incident, claimed that she had been struck and was bleeding.

When they came across young males on motorbikes who attacked them, she stated they were travelling on foot after their rendezvous was ruined by what she believed were hired thugs.

"Na ni watu ambao najua na hata natoka damu lakini lazima nitetee watu wa Kirinyaga na hapa Kirinyaga sitoki, mimi nimechaguliwa hapa," she said.

The politician claimed that the meeting had been arranged purportedly to talk about providing water to Kirinyaga locals.

She mentioned political rivalry and implied that someone she knew had sent the attackers.

"Na watu lazima wapate haki yao ya maji. Kwa hivyo hata hao wenye wananigonga na hao wenye wametumana wananigonge nawajua."