Betty Kyallo
Image: Instagram

Former TV anchor Betty Kyallo was forced to withdraw a huge sum following threats of being exposed over unpaid debt.

The media personality has revealed that she also experiences common problems just as any other person.

Speaking via her YouTube channel where she was responding to questions from her fans, Betty opened up about a financial problem that she found herself in.


The mother of one daughter narrated about how she was recently forced to withdraw a huge amount of money from her bank account after a friend who had lended her money threatened to expose her publicly.

“This person called me today and told me that I better pay her debt or otherwise she would expose me on social media. I said, it’s a lot of work going on social media because I actually don’t care about those things. But I was like, at the end of the day, I wasn’t going to run away, I would pay because we are in communication, we are actually friends. One day unaamka unasema nataka yote leo. That is not practical,” Betty Kyallo narrated.

She went on, “I had to go to my account and take out some colossal amount of money, I will not say how much. I had to actually pay them so they didn’t have to tarnish my name. It is not like I had that money, the money that I paid was not waiting to do anything. That was money that was planned for. But how do you deal with life, imenishika hivyo leo, nimepatwa, unang’ang’ana nayo. Either unaongelesha huyo mtu atulie ama you pay them.”


The businesswoman who runs Flair by Betty pointed out that having debt is normal for anyone and she is not an exemption.

On the other hand, she noted that she also got people who owe her money, some of who have not paid her yet a long time after borrowing.

“It’s very normal to owe people money, it’s how we live in this country. Even people owe me so much money, I have people who I am still chasing almost like 2/3 years later. It is okay to have a debt, it is normal to have a debt. Even Kenya has a debt,” she said.

Following that, Betty has now advised people to learn to deal with life issues as they come, take one step at a time, and avoid taking too much on their plate.