Rigathi Gachagua
Image: The-Star

Former Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni has been reprimanded by Vice President Rigathi Gachagua for taking part in anti-government demonstrations.

On Thursday, the DP attacked Kioni in Ndaragwa, claiming he was unappreciative of the people who had earlier elected him to government.

"Kijana wetu ambaye anaitwa Kioni aliharibiwa na ule jamaa wa maandamano. Kioni tafadhali, wacha kutuaibisha. You have embarrassed the people of Ndaragwa," Gachagua said.


In the August 2022 elections, George Gachagua of the UDA defeated Kioni, who received 7,227 votes, to win the Ndaragwa constituency parliamentary seat.

The DP emphasised that the former MP chose to take to the streets rather than appreciating the chance he was given to serve the voters of Ndaragwa.

"These people made you MP for a long time but you decided to carry sufuria on your head. We really feel embarrassed," Gachagua added.


Kioni gave an explanation of his motivation for leading a group of Kenyans in a popular "sufuria" demonstration early this year.

He pointed out that the message they were sending to President William Ruto's administration through their mini-demo was both physical and symbolic.

"Kenyans are hungry, not just for food but for the promises the government made to be delivered. This is not only in Nyandarua but the entire country," Kioni added.

He claimed that the reason why the cost of living in the country is so high right now is because of an unstable government, which is why the residents are frustrated.