A model 'being abused'
Image: Photo by RDNE fo Pexels

A man who is going through a difficult time in his marriage has taken his complaint to an online forum that aims to highlight people's problems-whch they do anonymously.

The man cried with great regret that she beats him every time he offends her, even for the slightest thing, which has made him see his marriage as a hardship area while his friends praise it as a garden of beautiful flowers.

The man revealed that his wife is an angry person and beats him all the time and regretted that if he had known earlier that his wife was stronger than him, then he would not have dared to marry her.


He said that in the four years he has been married to his wife, he has already been beaten several times and 7 times he has tried to pack his bags and leave but his wife harshly prevents him, warning him against making a decision to run away from her.

"My wife beats me every time I anger her a little bit. Sometimes I run away and hide in the kitchen to avoid her beating.

I have already tried 7 times to pack my things and leave my house in the four years of our marriage," he said.


"I don't talk when I'm angry. If I had known that she was strong enough to win over me, I wouldn't have agreed to make an marriage with her..." he finished regretfully.

The post attracted many comments, some blaming him for continuing to be a slave to marriage while he is being abused.