The unnamed lady
Image: Courtesy

Thousands of people flooded in Mlele district, Katavi region in Tanzania after the news spread that a woman who died in 2018 and was buried was seen alive at the water well, wearing the clothes she was buried with.

You may not believe it but this is an event that was witnessed directly by Ayo TV and they reported that the 33-year-old, Mwashi Lutema woman died in April 2018 and was buried.

"Five years later, she was seen alive in the water fetching area with the clothes he was buried with. This has happened in Katavi Region," Ayo TV reported.


Jonas Lutema, a family member who witnessed the woman's funeral narrated what happened.

"This sister of ours 2018 suffered from a fever that affected the whole body, chest, legs and finally it became apparent that it was demons.

The situation became bad and death happened. We finished everything as it is tragedies, brothers, we forgot."



"For a period of 5 years, finally on the 14th of this month, she appeared somewhere and found her younger brother in a well, drawing water. Her younger brother thought she was really her, so they had to start making phone calls.

Finally, he was picked up and taken to the office, and we got the information and we went and found that it was her," the family member said.

After that, a police car took them and dropped her at her brother's place where people have been flooding in like a tourist center to witness the event which is considered unusual.

The family member said that what led them to take her for natural treatment was after they discovered that she had demons-explaining that demons and hospitals are two different things.