Jackie Matubia details why she's not ready for romance

The actress recently split up with her baby daddy Blessing Lung'aho after close to 3 years of dating

Jackie Matubia
Image: Instagram

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia has shared that she has no plans to ever have any more kids.

Jackie who is currently in Dubai enjoying a family vacation with her 2 daughters announced that she was done with romance as well as it seems to lead to babies, a chapter that she has mentally closed.

Sharing a video of herself enjoying a car ride while chilling in the back left, Jackie went on to detail her woes as she reminisced over her failed relationship with her fiance Blessing Lungaho.

To anyone in doubt, the actress maintained she's single and not looking to mingle, for how long? No one knows. 

"Niko tu back bench pekee yangu enjoying(I'm just here, seated at the back bench all on my own 'alone' enjoying)," started off the mother of 2.

Jackie went on to add that she was done with romance and the baby-making chapter in a hilarious way. 

Showing off her legs she highlighted how her jolly days with Kenyan thespian Blessing Lungaho had yielded a baby, something she isn't ready for again.

"Also, the last time someone stuck in my thighs this happened...," she humorously shared before showing an adorable photo of her last-born child, Zendaya, with a continuation, "This happened," in case any of her fans missed the memo on what exactly she was talking about.

Finishing up she maintained that she was okay with 2 kids and wasn't looking to expand her nest.

"Sitaki hayo maneno tena, hawa wamenitosha (I do not want those stories again. These ones are enough for me, I am contended)," the last of her post read.

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