Comedian/digital content creator Oga Obinna
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray is the only woman who would make Oga Obinna reconsider getting married.

The media personality has consistently said that he has no ambition for marriage, however, the socialite remains the one woman he would change his mind for.

Oga Obinna is on the path to achieving ultimate success.Taking a look back at his humble beginnings, the former Kiss FM presenter told SPM Buzz that there are some things he has not achieved.

"Now we are doing so well, we started a show called Obina show live and people love it,Numbers are good. Like I always say, most of the things I am doing now are secondary I've achieved nearly everything. I've said it a lot of times for what I wanted."


"Like I wanted to live a good life, and I wanted to be a good dad and I wanted my kids to go to good schools, and parents took care of, "

He says this is now a reality.However, there are a few things left, that he intends to work towards.

"If I get the Range Rover that I want...that's the only thing that's remaining.." he indicated adding

"Like if the channel becomes bigger it's better because I'm employing more people, I'm empowering more younger people. If more people are watching the channel being inspired, being challenged" he told of his career.

Owning a Range Rover too is part of his remaining big dream

"Let me tell you the things I have not achieved in life. As now am 33, wife...uh...uko kidogo ni...if it's not Amber Ray I don't want."

The single media personality has always said he has no desire to get married. But this time he has one person who would make him reconsider this decision.

His best friend Amber Ray.

"If Amber Ray comes even today we will get married today. That one I will marry even today. Tutapigana, tutamenyana simuachi. That one I am willing.

Lakini hapo pengine, tricky. A lot of people who are married are fighting to get out of marriage. And a lot of people who are not married are fighting to get married."

Obinna has never been married but cohabitated with a woman. He tells of this experience

"At the moment sidhani it's something I want to do again. I already have kids, we are adjusting and managing the way things come, You can do all this without being married.

Like you can just be a present father. I've always pictured a family setup, but because the math was not mathing, that is not there. So now it's just me, my kids, and their mothers.

So it's very hard to find me in a marriage set up unless two things happen. One I fall in love which I intend to do very aimlessly. . It's my wekaness, napendanga tuu mtu mwenye hata hafai kupendwa, "

He says this habit of falling aimlessly in love had seen him go through character development

"Two - Amber Ray. I want to travel the world with my kids. Range Rover sport na nyumba Nairobi."