Billionaire Singh Rai abducted in broad daylight by 'cops'

It has now emerged a group of kidnappers who had held billionaire businessman and Kabras Sugar chairman Jaswant Singh Rai returned Sh20,000 they had grabbed from him.

The group of about four also handed him his mobile phone and gold wristwatch after dropping him near Ola petrol station along Argwings Kodhek Road, according to Kilimani police chief Moss Ndiwa.

Rai told police the kidnappers told him to take an Uber taxi to his house, which is about a kilometre away from the point they dropped him.

The incident happened on Sunday, August 27, at about 8 pm, which was two days after he had been kidnapped by unknown people.

Police have denied being involved in the drama and added investigations are ongoing on the same.

When Rai was dropped there he was then confused and shaken and the kidnapers pointed where an Uber was before they sped off.

Rai was later dropped at his house, where the guards were hesitant to open for him given they had never seen him arrive by taxi.

After arriving home, he met his daughter and son-in-law who decided to call their lawyer and they went to Kilimani police station.

At the station, he told police the kidnappers were holding him at a bright room, which was not too far from where he had been kidnapped.

He, however, could not recall the exact place.

When asked further what the kidnappers wanted, he developed cold feet and started to complain he was feeling unwell.

The officers, who escorted him to his house, asked him to seek medical attention and return to the station for further grilling.

He was still in hospital on Tuesday.

The billionaire went missing on August 25 after his Toyota Land cruiser was blocked at the junction of Wood Avenue and Lenana Road in Kilimani opposite Kenwood Apartments at around 4pm by persons driving a grey double-cab pick-up.

CCTV footage of the abduction shows four men getting out of the pick-up and forcibly pulling the occupants of the billionaire's car into their vehicle before speeding off towards Galana Road.

Rai's car was left idling on the road.

Later, officers at Kilimani police station received reports of an abandoned vehicle and towed it to the station, unoccupied and with only a minor scratch on the front right side where the pick-up had made contact.

The billionaire owns Raiply, Kabras Sugar and Uganda-based Sarrai Group.

Lawyer Kioko Kilukumi said he is yet to get instructions from Rai regarding the abduction.

The senior lawyer said he is giving his client time before any action is taken.

This came as the bank executive linked to the Mumias Sugar Company lease battles was grilled.

Victoria Commercial Bank chief executive Yogesh Pattni spent the better part of Monday at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for questioning.

He returned there Tuesday for further grilling, police said.

It is unclear what Pattni was being questioned about and why the DCI picked him from his Two-Rivers Mall office on Monday.