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Mugithii singer Samidoh has shared a video explaining the choices men need to make for a better home. The father of 5 re-posted the video which was originally posted by someone else.

"A wise man once said, You can never build A kingdom with a Queen who is still thirsty for attention from the village," read the video.

His message comes just days after his baby mama, Senator Karen Nyamu said she was praying for Samidoh's first wife and their kids to get re-united with the singer.

"I was asking God to handle that situation, I was crying from my heart, maybe the other woman was also crying from her heart. So we are hoping things work out for both parties, we have not given up on that other side." she said in a video

She added that even though she is okay, it is not a joyful thing to see the two families separation.

"There is no joy. Yes, I feel good that my kids have their dad, I am with the man I love but it's not good if it was the same in both sides. We are all believers and we know our situations are both in God's hands. God does not lose any battle."

In July this year, Samidoh's wife said she will not be associated in any polygamous marriage.

"Lemmie clarify few things that were shared online and not accurate……-I am not in any polygamous marriage as stated I left the husband for whoever needed him more. I made a decision to remove myself and my kids from that toxic environment especially my teen daughter who unfortunately is direct recipient of unbelievable behavior displayed …" She wrote

Adding "I have managed to sustain my kids needs so far with no help and I am not regretting any bit of it. About communication and video calls I will leave that one there since some people seems to be present when that is happening but I’m not aware. In this new season of my life I don’t need any drama, I need peace only ,I hope next episode of this series my name will be left out."

She has since left for the US together with her kids, who have already started schooling there.