Tattoo artist
Image: Felix from Pixabay

Getting a tattoo can be a very interesting phase for most people.

But if not done well it can lead to Tattoo poisoning. Below are ways to avoid poisoning.

  • Choose a reputable artist/Professional artist
  • Visit the Tattoo shop before your appointment and scan the surroundings
  • Do a background check- whether the guy has had past sepsis incidents
  • Do not use a (Do It Yourself) DIY tattoo kit
  • Do not touch the healing part
  • Clean it as directed
  • Always wash your hands before touching the tattoo
  • Wrap your tattoo for at least 24 hours to prevent germ infection
  • Do not rub the tattoo while still fresh
  • Do not go swimming with a fresh tattoo
  • Do not get into a hot tub before your tattoo heals
  • Do not share the cloth you pat the tattoo with anyone else