Ruger regularly cleans local church at 5 a.m

The 23 year old artist revealed even as a celebrity he still cleans up their church

Nigerian superstar Ruger
Image: Kiss FM

Nigerian superstar Ruger is opening up about his spiritual journey and beliefs.

According to the 23 year old artist he loves the church very much that he used to work up at 5 am in the morning to go clean it regardless of if he was attending service or not.

The Afro beats star maintains that contrary to popular belief he is a very spiritual person who doesn't hide his love for God even though people assume since he is an entertainer it makes him nonreligious.


Ru revealed this during an interview he had with the 90s Baby Show.

According to Ruger, he strongly believes whatever one wholeheartedly does for the church attracts immense blessings and the Dancehall sensation shares how he used to leave home at 5 am to go sweep the church.

"I feel like if you do something for the church God blesses you, it is a secret. A very big secret and a lot of people don't know that.


Some people just go to the church and come out, go to the church and come out.

If you do something for the church out of the goodness of your heart the blessings that are going to come will be insane," stated the 23 year old.

Nigerian artist Ruger
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Ruger went on to give his personal account detailing how selflessly working for the church opened floodgates of blessings upon his life.

"I used to clean the church, I used to make sure that I get to the church by 6 am or 5 am I'm in the church like I make sure I clean the church before service starts.

We had like 3 services in a week but I was always there even if I won't be there for the sermons (because I had started working then) I used to make sure I'm there, clean the church and go.

Recently before I went for my American tour I went to the church for like three services, I cleaned and attended service before I left for America."

Ruger maintained that even though he is a celebrity right now his love for the church hasn't waived.

In September 2022, Ruger took to his Instagram story to announce that he had given his life to Christ.

Fans were excited to learn that the Dancehall sensation is a born-again Christian and his recent statement about cleaning the church compound is a testament to his Christian faith.


In a previous interview with Apple Music, Ruger also shared that he's a spiritual person who prays and reflects on his actions. On 'Tour', the opening track of his debut album Ruger also gave insight into his spirituality.

Although fans may struggle to reconcile Ruger's music and sensual performances with his born-again lifestyle, the sensational artist appears to have struck a balance.

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