Becky Sangolo
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After months on end of keeping things under the radar, one-half of the much-adored Kenyan girl group Band Beca has resurfaced online.

Netizens were treated to a pleasant surprise after someone pointed out that Band Beca's group member Becky Sangolo was auditioning for 'The Voice Poland'

In a trending video making rounds online, Becky was seen blind auditioning for the judges. The songstress was singing along to Demi Lovato's iconic hit song 'Stone Cold' and was less than a minute into it before she got a 5-chair-turn reaction from a set of overly impressed judges.

While doing the before-performance interviews which are usually used as cut away's before one's performance, Becky opened up about her musical journey revealing that her passion for music was instilled in her by her dad.

Becky couldn't stop gushing about when she was just a young child, her dad noticed her love for music as her singing talents emerged at an early age and fully nurtured it being her biggest cheerleader.

"I'm in Poland because I'm married to my husband, he is Polish and we moved out here," excitedly said the songstress while speaking to the judges.

Speaking about her decision to join The Voice Becky had this to say;

"I saw the opportunity and I took it! I really love to sing and The Voice Poland showcases vocals and that is all I am about

Poland is a very connected European country which helps me to go international," 

Before relocating to Poland, Becky was a local celebrity having made a name for herself following her successful completion of music studies at a music academy in Kenya.

Becky relocated to Poland with her husband Bartłomiej Łopata – A mining engineer – whom she met in Kenya.

They both fell in love with each other, got married and lived in Kenya for a while before they relocated to Poland. Initially, Łopata did not know he was involved with a local star.

Upon relocating to Poland, Becky took a bold step in her music career by releasing her debut single, “Moonlight”.

Beck says that as much as love brought her to Poland, she has another goal, to win over Polish music enthusiasts with her melodic prowess.

The dynamic duo, Band Beca consisting of Becky and Carol Kamweru, last graced the music scene in 2021 with a heartfelt EP expressing gratitude and devotion to the Lord for their remarkable journey.

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