Peter Salasya and Chipukeezy together
Image: Facebook

Comedian Chipukeezy has admitted that he has received many comments from his fans telling him that he and the honorable MP Peter Salasya look alike.

Using his Facebook page, the comic uploaded a photo of himself interviewing Salasya, and said that it was because of those comments that he decided to seek out the MP to have a conversation with him.

"Some of you say I look like Peter Salasya when we sit down with a certain Gods must be crazy actorπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚" Chipukeezy said.


He revealed that he had conducted an interview with Salasya to find out his life journey from poverty to emerging as a member of parliament who campaigned unsuccessfully and had neither money nor wealth to bribe voters.

"Anyway, watch Peter Salasya's Interesting and exciting Journey from grass to grace tomorrow Monday from 8:00 pm only on KBC channel 1," he said.

The opposition member of parliament has been hitting the headlines due to the way he carries himself in his daily and political life while leaving his hair with short dreadlocks as opposed to that of fellow politicians who keep their hair neat.