Andrew Kibe
Image: Facebook

Kenyans can now understand why Andrew Kibe's YouTube channel was shut down according to Dorothy Ooko, Google's Head of Communication.

According to Ms. Ooko, Kibe had broken the terms of service for the website hosting the videos. But the straw that broke the camel's back was his attempt to work around Google's prohibition against him publishing on his primary channel by doing it on a secondary channel.

"Kibe violated YouTube's Terms of Service. While he was restricted from using YouTube features, including uploading videos on his channel, he used another channel to get around these restrictions aka circumvention, resulting in termination of all his channels."


Ooko told an X user named Mariam this information after Mariam had accused Google of suppressing Kibe.

"Cancel culture can not be allowed to take root in content creation. @kibeandy termination of YouTube accounts is NOT about his message but a direct attack on the creative. Restore his accounts. Say NO to CANCEL CULTURE. @dorothyooko @YouTube @OleItumbi #andrewkibe."

Despite the disappointment of losing a channel with close to 500k subscribers, Kibe himself doesn't appear to be in tears and has already moved on.Kibe updated his followers with a link to a new website where his stuff will be streamed. Despite the significant setback, he made it obvious that he is not quitting.


“Have been testing out the live feature on and I am confident we shall be going LIVE this Friday. Sign up there and start uploading your content. We are the content cartel!

“Meanwhile, catch me tonight same time here on X, Rumble, Instagram, and TikTok. The train left the station bruh,” Kibe said.

Later, he declared that in December, in Kenya, he would host an occasion called Graduation Day.

"I will have an event in Kenya in December, It will be our graduation day. The event will have limited tickets going for Sh2,000.

We want a manageable crowd and for people to have fun, si mcome huko mkinuka mauvundo. It will be a whole event. I had put 300 but I was told no."