Maxine Wahome.
Image: Instagram

Maxine Wahome has resumed her duties as a rally host following her arrest on murder charges for the death of her partner Assad Khan, who passed away in a hospital after sustaining a leg injury.

In a past court proceeding, she swore she was innocent and that the incident was a result of her using self-defense since she was the victim of domestic abuse.

Following her detained at Langata Women's Prison, she was later released on bail of 2 million Kenyan shillings on March 3, 2023, according to the court's reading.


The judge ruled that Maxine would only leave the country if the court gave her permission to do so.

The judge also warned Maxine that if she approaches any witnesses who have given recorded testimonies, the bond will be revoked.

She has now returned, with some organisations still supporting her despite the charges, something that has incensed online users.

People are now outraged by the fact that she has returned to work but people like Shaffie Weru who was fired for making insensitive radio comments weren't treated the same way.

Shaffie Weru.
Image: Instagram/Shaffie Weru.

They said that if the roles were reversed and a guy had committed the crime, would the situation be the same as she is back at work and sponsored while Shaffie was fired? 

Internet users assert that women are treated better than men in our society.

However, there are always those who agree and disagree in a discussion or argument.

Some people support her because of innocent till proven guilty while others disagree.

Here are a few of the opinions-based remarks posted by internet users.

Rassy @RassieKariuki: Murder allegations vs. confirmed spoken words are two different things. One is confirmed and on record, and the other is alleged. When what he said was confirmed, he was fired. When she is convicted, she will be jailed. But for now, sure as we may be, it's not officially confirmed.

JaAhero@_boiblacc: Men are held to a higher level of accountability. All your actions have consequences and by design, society reinforces that very ruthlessly when it comes to this gender. It is what it is.

Njui: Maxine is innocent until found guilty. As it should be. Plus honestly, she has a better personal life story until the death of her boyfriend. Shaffie, not so good personal story. It is not 'smooth' with mainstream media.

The Book Club Ke@kenwa_mutuma: The system has never and will never favor a man. They want to promote the "weak" so that they can undermine the whole community. This mainly applies to African society, as African man was perceived as strong. Look at our men currently.

L..★★★@Lenchiko: not fairness or equality it is where equity comes in that woman is innocent until proven guilty as for the man whatever he said was held against him and the impact was harsh and felt immediately so leave that rally driver.