A collage of Rema and Mohbad
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Famous Afrobeats star, Rema has used social media to express his grief revealing that the late singer, Mohbad sent him a message but he did not see or respond to it before his death.

Rema wrote that MohBad once sent a message to him telling him about his favorite hit but the artist, perhaps due to his tight schedule, could not reply.

Rema expressed his heartbreak that he could not answer Mohbad when he was alive but he had come to see his message when Mohbad had already gone, something that has created a lot of controversies with his former boss Naira Marley being heavily linked to his death.


His revelation has led to an outcry from fans on social media. Remember that Mohbad lost his life on September 12, 2023, at the age of 27.

Mourning Mohbad, the "Calm Down" singer expressed his displeasure following Mohbad's tragedy as he claimed that no one deserves to die like that and that was just the beginning.

Rema however drew criticism online when he revealed how he ignored Mohbad's message on his Instagram page in 2020 where the singer said how much he loved his song "Peace Of Mind."


Rema wrote; "Nobody deserves to go like this, I'm hurt, I've never seen your DM. You wrote 'Peace of mind' is your favorite song. Now I'm late to write you a reply. God's angels be with you, King rest."

Rema's screenshot
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However, fans were outraged by Rema's admission of ignoring Mohbad's message for more than 3 years and these are some of the fans' comments;

_lov_issabella: ''So now that he's dead, do you want to answer his text??? How did you know that he sent you a message if you have never seen the text, all you hypocrites, you ignored his message and now you are speaking guts here, celebrate people while they are alive not when they are dead''.

endylight1: ''If you want to write a tribute please do and leave the story for another day. You didn't see her DM but you Selena Gomez owns it''.

chy0msss: “I've never seen your DM “ Is that really important? So you can't write your taxes without including that section? Mtchewwww, Abeg shift to one side''.

The media from Nigeria reported that Mohbad was buried less than 48 hours after his death even before the body was operated on, which has raised more questions than answers from some fans and stakeholders in the Afrobeats music industry.