Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur Kennedy Rapudo has gone in depth about the legal battle with the mother of his 8-year-old son. 

He said that it started in December last year and explained that his baby mama was worried about Amber's online behaviour on her popular social media profile and wanted their youngster to visit Rapudo's house under close supervision.

"As far as I am concerned the house belongs to a wife. How do I convince my wife that my son is supposed to be here with another house help. Does that even make sense?" sharing concerns about the well-being of their son Nate.


Recently, the aforementioned youngster wasn't at the birthday celebrations that his father had organised for him. He wrote a lengthy piece on his frustration that day.

The father of three indicated in an interview with Mungai Eve on September 20th that he has been making an effort to abide by the court's decision about joint custody.


The first interim order gave Rapudo access to his son twice a month.


"When the hearing was done they gave out a verdict that I was to have custody. On the said date I went to his school bought him a gift, surprised him gifts. The mother showed up 40 minutes later. That weekend was mine. I hired him a driver. I also told him to bring him to my premises, the mother is aware," claimed the businessman.

He also told Eve that his baby mama instead told the driver that that arrangement was not possible.

"The mother told him she couldn't release him yet, coz it was his birthday the next day. That's what the driver told me.

So she denied me once again and we had paid for the birthday set up kila kitu. I had even invited some of his other friends. And I sent a driver and she refused, why? So I was really heartbroke."

Rapudo said he had sued his baby mama in December last year for disclosing information to a blogger about him being a deadbeat.

"I never want my son to grow up and see I was never there to support him and that's why I took this his matter to court," saying he wanted access to his son too.

Rapudo pays school fees, and related expenses plus sh30k per month. 

"When the judgment came out on the 1st of Sep, the next day I took her vouchers worth sh30k," he said she rejected and returned the voucher demanding for cash instead.

He did as she requested, "This is for food and toiletries," the businessman also told Eve that he had bought a car for the son's transport needs.

"The car was around Sh830k and a driver as well. I'm paying him a salary," he added about fulfilling his end of the court decree. "My lawyer told me it is unfair to pay sh30k yet she is working. He was of the opinion I should be paying sh10k."

The joint custody of the child is also a challenge. "We are supposed to have equal custody. Let's say he closes for 2 months. I have him the first month, do I still have to send her this sh30k yet I'm with my son?"

The lawyer is seeking a fresh interpretation from the court about this court decision.

"It has been frustrating. I have seen him once. When I sued her in Dec, the judge said I would be having him once every 2 weeks. and that was very painful for me," nonetheless, he chose to obey the court's judgment.

"My son loves me to the moon and back. He is my only biological son, and all I want to do is be with him."